I am happy to report you from my new website.

Welcome to my completely redesigned website. The most striking is probably the completely new look: The side is dark and the pink is gone. I love my "signature color" ... but it was just too intrusive. On the dark background my works are much better.

Next, this is no longer a shop; but actually a gallery, an exhibition. Of course you can buy all of my products, but I do not want to fix myself on any fantasy figures, because every interested party is just as unique as any artwork.

By presenting as a blog, the pictures always appear wonderful in the right order. Every now and then to return to pfoffie.art to see the latest creations worth it. And should I have something to say that is not a work of art but still belongs here ... so I finally have a platform for it.

On the left side you can filter my works according to collections and find further information.

Many Thanks. You are great. ❤️

- pfoffie